West Sussex Specialist Physiotherapy Clinic

Arthritic pain and injection specialist

Experienced, professional and personable physiotherapy.

Mr Mark and Grainne Jones offer traditional 'hands on' therapies and a range of specialist treatments for pain and dysfunction.

Consider physiotherapy treatment with us.

Chichester based clinic at No. 9 Wellington Rd

Our clinic has easy access and off road parking. Available at markjones@wssphysioclinic Tel. 01243 779411

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Effective, specialist therapy treatments available.

Mr Mark Jones has an extended scope of practice and is a registered independent prescriber, specialising in injection therapies

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Prompt, effective, evidence based treatments.

Mark and Grainne aim to help optimise health, mobility, wellbeing and function. Detailed assessment and bespoke treatments are assured.

Mark can offer specialist injection treatment for osteoarthritis. Viscosupplement injections effectively cushion and lubricate joints. High molecular weight hyaluronic acid is now demonstrably the most effective viscosupplement. The injections are safe and, contrary to myth, not too painful. Exemplary clinical standards are assured for sterile, safe treatments.

Cortisone or corticosteroid remains a tried and tested effective treatment to lessen the inflammation and relieve the pain of osteoarthritis. These treatments can be complementary.

Conditions we can help you with : -

  • Orthopaedic surgery - The period after orthopaedic surgery is challenging time and prompt effective rehabilitation directly after surgery is the best way to optimise your recovery. Mark and Grainne have decades of experience helping their patients through to optimal recovery.

  • Soft tissue injuries - sprains and strains. Accidental injury happens to us all at some time, whether on or well off the fields of sports and fitness. We can  help you quickly back to your activity, sports and goals.

  • If you feel unsteady, or a risk of losing balance or confidence in your mobility, we can help you regain strength, coordination and stamina and regain your confidence. We also have specialist skill in treating the awful symptoms of vertigo.