Here is a sample of the treatments we offer and suggested typical costing. Specialist injection therapies include private prescription charges and medicines.

Assessment – with initial treatment and advice (45 – 60 minutes) – £50

A comprehensive history will be taken and a range of physical tests used that will not hurt or harm.

Manual therapies (30 – 45 minutes) – £40

Manual therapies may include : joint mobilisation - massage - soft tissue release - stretch - assisted movement and guided exercise strategies.

Viscosupplementation – (Specialist joint injection therapy) – Knee joint £265 for premiere brand Durolane

Durolane, and other hyaluron products are effective, lubricating and cushioning treatments giving lasting pain relief and protection from osteoarthritis.

Corticosteroid therapy – cortisone injections – £110

Flare up of inflammation is a common cause of joint and soft tissue pain. Corticosteroid is the best local anti-inflammatory, expertly injected where clinically indicated

Pilates. Bespoke One to One instruction – £45 – Hour

Fully accredited and bespoke instruction to meet your individual requirements.